ARTAS IX Robotic Hair Transplant


An intelligent hair transplant technology.

According to Venus Concept, ARTAS iX™ is the world’s only comprehensive and intelligent hair restoration system combining robotics and AI to deliver natural-looking, personalized results with extreme precision and repeatability. The innovative system leverages state-of-the-art technology to enable accurate and efficient harvesting, recipient site-making, and implantation functionality in one device.

Why Choose Robotic Hair Transplant at Ocean Skin and Vein Institute

  • Customized Hair Line

    Customized Hair Line

  • No Linear Scars

    No Linear Scars

  • Minimal Downtime

    Minimal Downtime

  • Natural - Looking Results

    Natural - Looking Results

How It Works

Before beginning your treatment, our hair transplant technicians must trim your hair to the appropriate length. This will allow the machine to obtain the most accurate results for identifying, tracking, and harvesting each


Hair harvesting is the process where our Robotic Hair Transplant machine removes healthy hair follicles from the donor area. The ARTAS® iX robotic hair restoration platform includes an advanced multi-camera stereoscopic vision system with 44-micron resolution. This system and the device’s seven-axis robot arm enable physicians to deliver automated procedures with the greatest accuracy.


After hair grafts are extracted from the donor area, they will be transplanted into the recipient site. Machine learning recognizes and digitally maps past, current, and future grafts and learns new patterns to deliver continuous improvement.

hair grafts

Our Robotic Hair Transplant procedure is minimally invasive due to the micron-level accuracy provided by precision robotics. Unlike older hair transplant methods, no stitches or suturing is required to close post-extraction wounds. The Robotic Hair Transplant System incorporates a two-step dissection to dissect each hair graft, allowing minimal to no visible scarring within the donor area.

If any minor wounds are left behind, they will be tiny "punch marks" that ultimately heal over the next few days post-surgery. Due to the ARTAS Hair Transplant procedure's less invasive nature, patients can return to their regular schedule within the next day or two. The donor area will grow hair within the next couple of weeks, leaving the site intact.


Delivering the Results

Artas Treatment 1

Before ARTAS9 Month after ARTAS

Artas Treatment 2

Before ARTAS14 Month after ARTAS

Artas Treatment 3

Before ARTAS14 Month after ARTAS

Artas Treatment 4

Before ARTAS8 Month after ARTAS

Artas Treatment 5

Before ARTAS8 Month after ARTAS